What to expect at #WCNO2016

Have you got a ticket yet – if not, get one now! We have lots of great things lined up for you all this year and weather already have a ticket or needs some convincing for why you should come – here is what to expect at this year’s WordCamp Norway!


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We have lined up 16 awesome keynote talks divided between two stages – one for inspiration and another for technical talks.

On the inspiration stage we have Laurie McGregor, who is the Head of Digital at Miljøpartiet De Grønne (Norwegian Green Party). Laurie is going to talk about how their party switched to WordPress to win votes with their voter-focused content management strategy during the 2015 Norwegian local elections.

Also on the inspirations track we have Lauga Oskarsdottir – the co-founder and CIO of United Influencers (formerly United Bloggers). United Influencers now have over 200 bloggers running on Multisite and she is going to tell about their journey from 200,000 monthly readers to 3,700,000 monthly readers. This is truly going to be a talk to inspire!

On the technical stage we have Kaspars Dambis, who is a WordPress engineer at XWP and author of dozens of WordPress plugins, themes and open source tools. Kaspars is going to be talking about the importance of Two-Step Authentication and how it relates to the security of your WordPress website – covering the most common attack vectors and ways to protect against them.

Also on the technical stage we have Marko Heijnen who is a long-term contributor to WordPress and for the last 2 years has been the lead developer of GlotPress. Marko is going to be talking about Connecting AppleTV and WooCommerce together to do some shopping on your TV. He will show the power of the REST API to build a TV app for shopping.

There are 14 other great talks too – check out the schedule to read all about them!


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The WordPress community is just great – when I went to my first WordCamp I only knew one person at the event and was worried I would be on my own. However, that was not the case, the community is so welcoming and including. I have made so many great friends over the years in this genuinely kind and caring community. In addition to making great friends through WordCamps – you never know what potential job offer or networking connection is made. So it it is your first time to a WordCamp get ready to meet great people – and if you have been before, we can not wait to see you again and catch up over a cup of coffee!


Speaking of coffee! Did you know that we have World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe coming around to serve us delicious locally roasted coffee. We are also going to be having a delicious lunch from Gastro Catering – a company of passionate chefs delivering tasty quality food.


There is no better way to end a day after inspiring talks, great coffee and good chats then to have an afterparty! After a short pause for dinner, we will be meeting back up at Gamle Museet for a party! We have booked two great DJ’s to take us through the night allowing you to dance your heart out if you so wish. Also, this year we will have a couch section for those who would prefer to sit and chat in between their favorite songs. And of course what is a party without a bar – the bar will be open all night long (and will have soda as well for those not drinking). So get our your dancing shoes and put on your party face because it is bound to be a great time!


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Sunday ‘morning’ (aka.11:00) we will meet up for some fun in the snow – Norwegian style. Catch the train with us to Frognersetern for some speed sledding and hanging out around the fireplace with a nice cup of hot cocoa. This is another great time to get to know those in the community and push your adrenaline speeding down the side of a mountain – safety first though, helmets are provided.

WordSled 2015 with @scottbasgaard and @cobusbester #WCNO #WooTripEU #confederate

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If you still have not gotten your fill, we will have one final event – WCNO Afterhours. This will be small lightning talks in a true ‘Meetup’ style along with the opportunity to contribute back to the WordPress community and of course have a good mingle before you head back home.


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So, now that you are planning to join us for a great weekend – here are some follow up things to note:

Make sure to get a ticket!

If you are traveling into Oslo for the event:
-Check out these 2 hotels we have organized for people to stay at. It is always nice being around the others in the free time!
-Take the Flytorget from the airport to Oslo S – from there you can easily walk to the venue and both hotels we recommend.

We look forward to seeing you at WordCamp Norway 2016! If you have any questions, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook – we are more than happy to help!

Author: fondalashay

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